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Monty (Central Asian Ovtcharka)

Monty (with the long name Manu Gintarinė Širdis) was born on 6th November 2015 in Lithuania, at Gintarinė Širdis kennel. He is Central-Asian Ovcharka (CAO).

CAOs are an ancient breed. Their main role was to protect the flock predators such as wolves and leopards. So, they have strong and somewhat masculine bodies which is well described in their breed standard. CAOs are independent guards which means they don’t need to work with humans all the time- they know their job and they just do it, independently. They are phlegmatic and have strong nerves. But of course, they need strong and stable connection with their human family. When good foundation is built during the puppy-hood, they will be loyal guards to the family for the rest of their lives.

Our Monty is a „big boy“ who is already guarding our yard. But he is longing for human closeness very much.

Monty’s pedigree is seen HERE