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Muri (English setter)

Muri (with the long name Edenbridge Very Expected Murrieta) was born on 12th October 2009. He has two borthers – Falkor & Orion and her mother is Rosie (Set’r’Ridge’s Rosa’s First Prayer).

Muri loves her home, her owner and most of all – running in the nature and searching for birds and wild animals. Her favourites are field birds and ducks. Muri has very, very strong hunting instincts. But Muri’s eyes also reveal very deep feelings and emotions. She is an intuitive dog.

Muri lives with other dogs in our family: her mother Rosie and the central-asian ovcharka Monty.

Muri’s health examination: HD AA, ED 00, BAER normal.

Muri’s titles: Estonian Junior Champion, Lithuanian Champion.

Muri’s pedigree is HERE.

Muri has following litters: THRONES (2011), BAKERY (2013).


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