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Archive for June 2015

27-28.06.15: One more show weekend in Luige!

On 27-28 June we spent another weekend in Luige where national dog shows were held. Our dogs did very well again:

English setters:

Edenbridge Cinnamon Bun – BOB, CAC, BIG-2 ! Congratulations to owner Evelin Pärna.

Edenbridge Poppy Pie – …

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21.06.15: Excellent results from I, II and IX Group Specialty Show!

Our boys got excellent results from I, II and IX Group Specialty Show, held in Luige on 21st June:

CAO Monty (Manu Gintarinė Širdis) : BOB Puppy & BIS-4 PUPPY !!!!! Judge was Mr Dick Baars, The Netherlands.
Hovawart Zass

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30-31.05.15: Ponchik was BOS at 7th Group specialty! Arya BF-3 at Estonian Winner dog show!

Ponchik (EST J CH Edenbridge Black Ponchik) was BOS and received her first CAC at 7th Group specialty show on 30th May! The judge was Sjoerd Jobse from Sweden. Congratulations to owners Liina Rajaste & Ain Mägi!

Ponchik 7th group 30.05

Arya …

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