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Archive for March 2013

02.03: Muri and Arya got great results today from Lithuanian Winner Dog Show!

Arya (Edenbridge Thrones Arya): BOS jun (02.03), BOB jun (03.03), 2x jun CAC and Lithuanian Junior Winner’2013! Now our path is open to Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Championship…

Muri (Est Jun Ch Edenbridge Very Expected Murrieta): best …

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02-03.03: Dania 2x best of breed in Tallinn!

Dania (Edenbridge Thrones Daenerys) was best of breed with 2x jun CAC on both days and BIG-3 on 03.03!

Judges: Kresten Scheel, Denmark (02.03) and Galna Zhuk, Byelorussia (03.03).

Photos of Dania

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