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Archive for October 2012

Hunting season has begun!

…and Drogo (Edenbridge Thrones Drogo) is having a ball! His owner has already caught several woodcocks thanks to Drogo’s great instincts. Go on, boy!…

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22.10: Arya BOB and BIG-3!

Arya (Edenbridge Thrones Arya) was BOB (JCAC) and BiG-3 at Rakvere national show! Judge: Wilfried Peper from Germany. Congratulations to Arya’s owner Marge Kaju! Fresh photos

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14.10: Orion today nr 1 at inofficial obedience competition!

Orion (Edenbridge Very Expected Orion) has started his “career” at the obedience competitions. Today, he got a first place (99 points out of 100) at the inofficial obedience competition (in beginners class). Congratulations to Orion and his owner Aivar Piiriste! …

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13.10: Arya today best junior bitch & BB#2 at Valmiera National Show!

Arya (Edenbridge Thrones Arya) was at her first show outside Estonia: in Valmiera, Latvia. She got excellent results: best junior bitch and best bitch nr 2! Judge: Nikolai Sedyh from Russia. Congratulations to Arya and her owner Marge Kaju! Photos

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