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Archive for May 2006

28.05.06: Rosie was BIS-4 at inofficial dog show

Eliise Rebane shows Rosie at Big Dogs´ Day in Tallinn. It was an unofficial show and we had a lot of fun. Eliise did a great job handling Rosie who turned out to be BIS-4!…

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27.05.06: Rosie BIG-1 at Kohtla-Järve National Show

Rosie was BOB & BIG-1 at Kohtla Järve National Show. Judge: Stefan Sinko (Slovenia)…

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15.05.06: Rosie participated at Match Show

Rosie´s new handler Eliise Rebane shows Rosie first at at unofficial Pontu Show. Here are some pictures: Pontu_1 | Pontu_2

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